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  • Chandelier Hair Salon
  • Chandelier Hair Salon
  • Chandelier Hair Salon
  • Chandelier Hair Salon
  • Chandelier Hair Salon
Chandelier Hair Salon

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5020 Spring Mountain Rd.
Suite 4, Las Vegas


From Creative Cut to
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About Chandelier

At Salon Chandelier, you can expect to receive a professional consultation with experienced stylists before and after the cut.

The owner and a cheif stylist of Chandelier, TAKASHI, is a popular hairdresser born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. After 14 years of working in Tokyo, a city known for being one of the leading fashion capitals of the world, he has gained the exposure, confidence and mastery of his art.

With the skills he developed in Tokyo, he successfully opened a salon in Taipei, Taiwan. His work with magazine shoots, hair shows and lectures have created admirers throughout the country.

TAKASHI, now aims to spread his expertise on the latest trends of the hair and fashion industry internationally. Along with his highly skilled staff, TAKASHI is ready to bring their talents and experience to the United States in Las Vegas.

TAKASHI and his team of stylists offer the best quality, which includes a 2 step process of wet and dry cutting, that a Tokyo salon would offer. With a style that follows the contour of their heads, clients will walk away confident and happy with a hairstyle that can be easily styled and maintained at home.

New hairstyle, new life. We look forward to seeing you soon.